About Us

The Pathway is a access point to the world of work in Nebraska. It was created with two key goals in mind - to help the youth of our state successfully navigate Nebraska's labor market and to give insight to job seekers on opportunities and careers available to them.

The Pathway helps people find jobs, explore career options and discover what skills they need to take on certain careers. We also help employers fill jobs. One of the biggest problems facing employers today is that there are not enough qualified/skilled workers to fill the positions open at their businesses. We aim to educate those seeking employment to hopefully find the right talent and grow their businesses.

We have targeted this resource to be a service to parents, teachers, students, career and employment counselors, human resources professionals, and staffing agencies.

Our Partners:

  • Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce

  • Kearney Area Chamber of Commerce

  • ESU 9

  • ESU 10

If you would like to utilize our series to promote career pathways, we would love to hear from you and explore new distribution.

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Our team here is also interested to learn about your experience with The Pathway, and how we can improve this resource for years to come.


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Anthony is the owner of 281 Studios, a video production company in Hastings, Nebraska. After working on projects promoting jobs and opportunities in other communities, Anthony decided that it was time to highlight business in his neck of the woods. Anthony and his team developed "The Pathway" concept and decided to send him to work at businesses to find out what job opportunities are available and what education, skills, and training employees must have to be successful in the world of work. Come along with Anthony as he brings careers to life across Nebraska!